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Plasma cutters

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The process of plasma welding
Two units, two materials are melted together by welding in a way that they can not be separated any more by manual force. You can also do the welding at home, but make sure you have got the necessary preliminary information on the working processes.
Before welding the materials to weld and the required safety equipment, goggles and appliances must be prepared. It is worth cutting the surfaces according to the specific parameters, removing rust, cleaning to do quality work on the materials. It is important to fix the piece to avoid displacement while welding and to make sure welding is exact.
Plasma welding can be applied for most materials. Then the heat source is powered by a plasma torch for welding. The plasma torch is generated by argon gas, which provides good thermal conductivity for the surface to weld. In the case of thinner materials, wires, nets micro plasma procedure is applied most of the time, while thicker materials are welded with deep penetration welding.
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Industrial usage of plasma cutters
The primary advantage of plasma cutting, which makes it an effective and wide industrial solution, is due to the fact that heat production does not occur during the working process thus the temperature of the plasma cutting arc is generated in a special welding torch to cut the metals. This technological procedure enables the industry to cut metals that need special circumstances e.g. thermal cutting of corrosion resistant steels, cast iron, aluminium, copper and their alloys.
Plasma cutting represents a special group of thermal cutting and chopping procedures, several advantages of which provides wide application:
·         Fast, exact and precise working process
·         Economic solution
·         It has several advantages in terms of labour safety: less smoke, noise pollution and other harmful factors
·         Several other advantages according to the field of usage
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