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Tel.: +36 62 645-345
Our business handles service providing with priority. We aim at meeting the service requirements of the companies in the region as much as we can. In order to reach such goals you can count on our professional and effective colleagues, in addition to the fact that our business also functions as an official brand service of the products we distribute.
Of course, we provide servicing and safety review for the products of other producers. We provide continuous part and consumable material supply, the aim of which is to enable our customers to get everything they need from one place as fast and simply as they can.
We extremely focus on informing the businesses about the advantages of machine maintenance. Regular maintenance might expand the life span of the machines by years or reduce the failures during the interim period, thus the machine does not have to be removed out of production.
This service can be provided according to a contractual agreement. This can mean half or quarter a year of frequent maintenance depending on the agreement.
Our contractual maintenance refers to the maintenance of appliances included in the agreement, mechanic and instrumental check, safety review, repair and the standby service between maintenance works.
Has your device broken down? You do not have time to take it to the service? Such problems may be solved by our service courier, which can be ordered online after filling in the form. Our courier service arrives fast at your place to transport your machine to our workshop.
You can prevent your machines from breaking down if you pay attention to maintenance. Permanent servicing help avoid unexpected issues.  You will see right after the first occasion that it is worth having our machines checked by a professional regularly.
Why to choose our service?
-          because you can save time with our courier service
-          we provide reliable work
-          repair and servicing is ready fast
-          you do not have to shut down for a long time or slow down due to the absence of your machine
-          we repair the machine professionally
-          we are not only a brand service
-          regular maintenance can also be provided under an agreement
Ask for our service today and we will provide you professional help fast. Feel free to contact us.

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