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Any issues referring to our distributed products are governed by the provisions of the Government Decree 151/2003.(IX.22) on compulsory warranty.
Guarantee claims are enforceable only with the guarantee voucher (in case of a product with a guarantee voucher).
The warranty claim cannot be enforceable if the failure was caused by:
using the product improperly or other than described in the user’s manual,
improper delivery or storage,
environmental or other reason around the product (e.g. improper supply voltage, extension cord, generator, etc.),
or the product has already been repaired by a service other than listed in the guarantee,
or if the device cannot be repaired for a reason other than the scope of operation of the manufacturer, distributor or service.
Vendor’s liability of expiry and warranty are governed by the Civil Code and the GKM decree 49/2003.(VII.30.).

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