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Our company was established on 15 November 2000 with more than twenty years of professional experience.
We are the importer and guarantee service in Hungary of MASTROWELD, GYS, AWELCO, SINCOSALD manufacturers.
The main feature of our business is the wholesale distribution and servicing of Mastroweld, GYS, Awelco and Sincosald welding equipment, plasma cutters, battery chargers and starters.
Our product line provides devices for industrial use and DIY as well.
Our representative surveys your needs and helps you choose the optimal construction.
Accessories, wide range of parts, professional consultancy and service.
HÓD-WELDING KFT. 6800 Hódmezővásárhely, Könyves u. 29.
Tel.: +36 62 534-830, fax: +36 62 534-831, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
If you would like to have reliable tools
Do you need special tools? Do you want a new device as the old one broke down in everyday usage? Perhaps you do DIY only as a hobby?
Please, visit the web site of Hód-Welding Kft. You will find for sure the product which is the most useful for YOU.
Hód-Welding Kft. has been meeting the customers’ requirements for more than 20 years in the market of welding machines, plasma cutters, batteries and starters. The business is registered as the sole distributor of Mastroweld, GYS, Awelco and Sincosald products.
Hód-Welding Kft. with the help of professionals tries to set the best offers, packages after surveying customers’ needs. Our reps tries to make you satisfied with our products and services. It is completed with the high quality of the devices we distribute. Our company focuses not only on selling the products but also servicing them as the maintenance can contribute to making them long-lasting.
Choose the quality. Contact Hód-Welding Kft. and ask our professionals for help.
Professional help.
It is not easy to find the suitable welding device. Nowadays you can choose from countless products whose reliability and quality is not guaranteed. Hód-Welding Kft. sells only high-quality products that serves as they are requested. Additionally, our fast and reliable service is available for you.
Hód-Welding Kft. helps you find your way in the world of welding machines. Our colleagues with a lot of years of experience want to meet your requirements.
Make your choice comfortably from home. In our fast-moving world we do not have enough time to buy devices we use every day. If you do not have enough free time to visit a lot of shops, you know what you are looking for and you want to get it as soon as possible, the web shop of Hód-Welding is the best choice. You can lean back in your armchair and browse in the wide range of welding tools.
Have a look at our products in the web shop and contact our colleagues, who willingly take your call, to discuss your arising questions.

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